An Introduction to a new way of viewing the world around us.

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I am a writer, photographer, artist and workshop leader.  I was born in Northern Utah and have since been able to travel throughout much of the United States and Europe.  My camera was my companion during all of these adventures.  I was also able to travel to Central and South America.

This site includes my creative work both photographic and artistic.  I use creativity as a meditative and healing tool for myself and for those that I teach. Through the creative act my imagination soars and inspiration transforms the world around me. Through the creative act and especially creativity in the natural environment one can create oneself anew by healing old wounds and reviving the lifeblood that is our birthright. 


This photograph is of clouds over the Agean sea at Tinos, Greece. I was standing at the gate to the ruins of a healing temple of Poseidon and Amphritite.

I see a rider on a winged horse or dragon. The rider is huge and has an elemental quality. My belief is that I was greeted by Poseidon as he rode across the sky on Pegasus outside his temple.


I recently taught a college class, A Study of Love. As I taught the class, I learned more about myself. I was inspired to fulfill my dream of writing a book about the subject of love. First of course, is Self Love, I will include examples of my own spiritual growth, dreams, and inspiration. Love of the Natural Environment and the healing that happens as we connect with all elements of nature, i.e., Earth, Air, Fire and Water, as well as Elemental Earth Energies will be discussed. I'll also write about Love of our Higher Power, whether that is God, Goddess, Higher Self or however you see Spirit.

E-mail me at the link below and I will be happy to respond!

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