Spirits of Mont St. Michel

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Spirit Photography at Mont St. Michel

This page is intended to discuss the events regarding the photo of the Spirits of Mont St. Michel


The abbey contains a large rectangular room with a vaulted ceiling called the Scriptorium. At the end of the room is a large dome shaped window of white cut glass. In front of the window is a backlit model of Mont St. Michel enclosed in glass. I wanted to take a picture, however there were two people viewing the model and I did not want their reflections in the glass.  As soon as I could no longer see reflections, including my own, I took a picture with my digital camera and left….I was shocked when I viewed the picture. There were reflections of a group of people in the glass.

Mont St Michel is the second most visited tourist location in France

It is claimed that the Archangel Michael appeared before local fishermen on the Mount in the 5th century AD.

This is the Sciptorium in the Abbey of Mont St. Michel

Three weeks after this experience I returned to Mont St. Michel to verify that there could be no physical explanation for the beings that appeared in my photograph. It was a digital photograph so a double exposure was ruled out. There were no wall hangings inside the Scriptorium. The windows were of cut white glass. The top of the glass case was thick with dust and handprints of people who had reached up to touch the top of the model. After determining that there was nothing that could have caused the images to appear I took the photograph to a museum on the island and asked an employee to look at the photograph and to see if he was aware of anything, anywhere in Mont St. Michel, that could have caused the reflection. He replied, “No,” and added, “They are definitely not tourists.”

Soon after my visit to the Mont I had a dream that I was at Mont St. Michell and that I was looking at a group of people seated at a table.  I realized that there were more people than had been there before and that there were more options available.  I had more choices.  I could mold the situation by changing the positions of some of the people.  I interpreted this dream to mean that I have come to a place where I have many more options than I had before and I can mold those options in a way that will produce the best possible outcome. This dream further inspired me to perform healing work with the energies and spirits that remained at this sacred Mont.

It is claimed that the Archangel Michael appeared before local fishermen on the Mount in the 5th century AD.

During the Middle Ages, le Mont Saint Michel was an important and iconic location in this north western part of Europe. Its monastery flourished as one of the great places of learning in the twelfth century. The highest tides occur in the day or two following a new moon and a full moon, and most particularly at the spring and autumn equinoxes. On these occasions, the sea can completely surround the mount, except for the insubmersible causeway.  

The Scriptorium is a large room located in the center of the abbey. Pilgrims who came to visited Mont St. Michel waited in this room for their purpose.  Many came here for healing as the healing energy of this site was renowned. Often pilgrims lost their lives traveling across the trecherous bay which contained traps of quicksand. Others died when their ships crashed against the shores of this tiny island at high tides.