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I was able to take a cruise on the Nile. Egypt was an environment of intense energy. I felt the presence of an ancient protective Egyptian guard at the tomb of a child. I lay on my bed on the ship and saw a circle of Faeries floating in a circle above me. It felt as if I was as close to Spirit as I have ever been. This photo was taken of two guards at the pyramid ruins with the city of Cairo in the distance.

View inside City of the Dead, Egypt

Beside the tombs, the homeless of Cairo have established a home.

Hard at Work

Woman working in cane fields near Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Crow

Crow visits as we loungue on cruise ship

Dove visits

This little one does not appear to be hungry as he rests on a chair at our hotel.

Luxor Village

Village on the Nile

Market at Aswan

Baskets of Herbs and Spices at Market.

Lillies at Cairo Museum

Water lillies in sunlight at the entrance to the Cairo Museum.

Old Flamingo at Cairo Park

Look at that neck. I almost wrote poor flamingo, but how is it poor to have survived so long?

Woman in Black

Woman walking on road near Cairo.

Farouk on the Nile with Passengers

Passengers on Ferouk crossing the Nile. Friendly, waving, could you fit another passenger on the ship?

Abu Simbel Temple Ruins

We were visiting this site, across the Nile from Yemen, when the bombing of the American ship occurred.

Moon over Nile at Kom Ombo

Ferouk traveling on Nile at Dusk

Banks of Nile at Aswan

Three Ferouks on Nile at Aswan

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