Mont St Michel 2

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Photographs of the Guardians of Mont St Michel and Her Surroundings

Mont St. Michel is an abbey that was built after a monk received a vision from the Archangel Michael telling him to build,according to myth, an abbey on this small hill. The ocean at high tide surrounds the Mont once a month. It has been a site of pilgrimage for hundreds of years. Walking around the base of the island sometimes through thick mud, I found her. The moment I saw her, I realized I had found a Goddess source. She is a spring in the side of the island.  A triangular, slightly indented cave, pointing downward into a small gully filled with rocks, the first and largest stone in the channel of rocks was red as if with menstrual blood. The black rock face was oozing water.  It was a spring, sacred and alive with energy. I immediately saw her face, it seemed obvious, two eyes with an indentation where the third eye would be. Her lips are cracked and wrinkled, her nose slightly bulbous, and her chin and forehead pronounced. This felt like the energy of the Black Madonna in the flesh of the Earth. 


SHE even has teeth. So beware the wanderer with negative intent.  (As a note, as I went into meditation, I began with my usual practice of asking my guides to be present. SHE did not want this, so my male guides stayed back while the female were allowed to join me.) She is a site that is sacred to the feminine.

The God Formation

The God formation, to the right of the Goddess. The narrow rectangular shape represents the masculine energy of the site.

The Goddess gives birth

This is the beautiful stone at the base of her triangular form. I can imagine the energy that is birthed through her to guard this Isle.

Around Mt. St. Michel at low tide

This is the land around the Mont at low tide, you can only imagine supplicants wandering over this muddy landscape.  (I almost got bogged down in the sand walking only a few feet around the corner of the fortified stone wall.)

Faces in Stone, Perhaps an Egyptian Princess and her Scribe

These two simulacra faces seemed to be carved into the stone. One the face and headdress of an Egyptian queen and the other of a scribe, perhaps her servant.embarassed

The Battlements of Mont St Michel

Just around the corner of this fortress style wall is the entrance to Mont St. Michel. I waited through wet sand that went over the top of my shoes to complete by tour around the Isle.

These photos are indicative of the energy the surrounds this Mystical Faery Isle

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