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Sounion and Tinos as Spiritual Homes to Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Although he was one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery kingdom. Poseidon had dominion over all water, both fresh and salt. Poseidon’s wife was the sea-nymph Amphitrite.

As god of horses, Poseidon often adopted the shape of a steed. It is not certain that he was in this form when he wooed Medusa. But when Perseus later killed Medusa, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her severed neck. In Poseidon's healing aspect, by hitting his trident to the ground, he could cause springs to burst forth.

This is a dream I had in which Poseidon appeared:

I am with Poseidon at the bottom of the sea. His feet are planted in concrete as if he were a statue. A messenger comes from above to tell him of problems on the land. He recognizes his need to be on the Earth. He wants to see for himself what is happening. In a rush of water and waves he springs to the surface with his concrete slab rushing through the water behind him, a jet stream of water follows him. With a swish he emerges from the sea and plants himself into the ground at the top of a hill, near ancient ruins that are familiar to me from my dream world. Other gods and goddesses follow him, planting themselves in tomb like square containers in double rows down the hill to the right from where I am watching at the top of the hill.

A lone tree at Sounion


Sounion stands on a penninsula that is rocky and rugged.  This tree is one of the plants that has survived.

Holy Church of Panagia of Tinos

This is the entrance to Panagia Tinou, the Holy Church of Panagia of Tinos.  People make pilgrimages to this sacred church for healing by crawling on their knees up the long road from the harbor to the gate of this temple for healing.  Many miracles have been reported as a result.

Altar to Poseidon

Poseidon is god of the sea. Beneath the sea the unconscious lies hidden. Because the sea is a watery element the unconscious elements that are hidden are mostly emotional or related to our emotional lives and if the Earth is indeed alive, the emotional life of the Earth. Hidden are memories of how we used to relate to the Earth and to the archetypes of the unconscious. Our emotional memories of these interactions of the unconscious lie buried in watery tombs. However in my dream these elements of the unconscious have found a way to the surface. They are no longer buried beneath the waves. They are above the water level, in the conscious, and guarded over by the powerful Poseidon. Their tombs are waiting to be excavated, to be discovered and explored and reincorporated into my consciousness, into the consciousness of the Earth and mankind. They are my personal shadows that need to be excavated and returned to my consciousness.

The message that came to me as I explored the dream was that part of my life purpose is to make the unconscious conscious through image.


I soon learned that Tinos is also, according to Greek myth, known to be the home of the North Wind, Boreas. He was blowing intensely as we arrived on the island. I felt myself to be in an altered state from the moment I arrived on Tinos. Perhaps it had something to do with the wind. It felt as if the wind was cleansing me and blowing away or dislodging those parts of me that needed healing.  My awareness of alternate realities seemed to be more acute and psychic awareness and inner vision were also heightened.

The temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite is located on the sea. A narrow road and a short brick wall separate it from the beach. I felt the energy of the sea that morning. It felt powerful, calming, and cleansing. I recognized the significance of the temple being at the edge of the sea and the healing energy that, according to my feelings, seemed to be flowing in with each wave. I let the sound of the waves splashing over the shoreline of stones and sand calm me.

Ruins of the temple to Poseidon and Amphritite

After briefly looking at the ruins of the healing baths and an old olive tree that guarded the ruins I found my way to the temple at the center of the grounds. I climbed to the top and raising my arms to the sky pulling energy through my body and into the earth beneath my feet and then, in turn, pulling energy up from the ground through my body. Lastly I raised my arms to the heavens releasing the energy to the air.

Simulacrum taken outside of the sacred site of Poseidon facing the sea.

As god of horses, Poseidon often adopted the shape of a steed. It is not certain that he was in this form when he wooed Medusa who was the daughter of Poseidon. But when Perseus later killed Medusa, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her severed neck.


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