Blue Hole

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Blue Hole, San Antonio, Texas

While living in San Antonio the location that immediately captured my interest was called “The Blue Hole.” It is located on the Incarnate Word campus, a large university near downtown San Antonio and is a natural spring that is considered to be the source of the San Antonio River. One Saturday I decided to do a meditation and say a prayer as I began the day’s activities. In addition to my usual requests for assistance I asked nature to help me as I decided to pull some cards from a faery tarot deck that I have worked with in the past. Among the cards that came up was Iris of the Rainbow, who represents hope and promise for the future. I intuitively knew I needed to visit the Incarnate Word campus and spend time at the Blue Hole.

The flow from the Blue Hole which begins the San Antonio, River

I arrived at the spring and immediately felt a profound healing energy. I felt soothed and felt myself enter a familiar altered state of consciousness. I felt a transpersonal connection with the spring.  After spending time in meditation I decided to visit a pond I had seen during my last visit to the campus. It was a lovely afternoon and I felt an increased connection with the land and the energies of the land as I walked. Leaving the spring I noticed a beautiful iris in a garden. While attempting to remove some dead growth from around the blossom, the iris broke off into my hand. I felt awful; I had destroyed a beautiful flower. Almost immediately I decided to offer it to the spring as a gift of gratitude, hoping that the water would prolong its life.

The Gift of the Iris

I planned to take a photo of the Iris as it rested on the spring’s waters. Little did I know how fast the water was moving and that my digital camera had run out of space on the disc. I was upset as I watched the iris float through the opening of the spring and out into the stream’s current. As I watched the iris, it moved to the side of the river, turned around and came back to set, as if waiting for me, at the bottom of a group of steps leading to the stream. Unbelieving, it took me a moment to respond, I hurried to the side of the stream as I felt it was going to be whisked away at any second. I picked the blossom out of the water, saying a prayer of thanks as I did. Back up at the spring, I changed the disc in my camera, and gently dropped the Iris into the water once again. It was swept out of the mouth of the spring into the river as before. This time it did not turn around, it went with the current down the river as I hurried and snapped a couple of photos.

Brilliant Water from Blue Hole with Sunlit Reflections

This photo was taken at approximately the same time as the photo below. This one shows the brilliant blue green water and golden stones.  As I look closer I can see faces and eyes as simulacra.

This photo was taken a few seconds after the one above. Look who shows up?

This whole day was mystical. Beginning with my morning meditation and pulling the Iris card from the tarot deck and continuing to the experience with the Iris returning to me and then ending with this beautiful being emerging from the water.  Many people see different things when they look at this photo. I see the spirit of the Blue Hole emerging. I am grateful for the gift of her presence.

The Riverwalk San Antonio

The San Antonio River continues to flow through downtown San Antonio. This is the favous Riverwalk of San Antonio.

Two ducks on edge of San Antonio River at flood stage.

I wonder why their backs are turned to each other. Who upset who?undecided

The Blue Hole, San Antonio

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